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Welcome to SilverMC

Join our small, friendly community for an authentic Vanilla Survival experience. Whether you prefer settling in a cozy town, creating advanced farms, or embarking on solo adventures, the choice is yours! Discover our welcoming community below

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join? The server address is:

If you are not familiar how to join a minecraft server, follow the steps below:
Give me the steps
  1. Open the multiplayer menu in Minecraft Java edition 1.20.4
  2. Click Add Server
  3. Copy the address above and paste it in the Server Address field ingame
  4. Click on the created server in your server list and enjoy your stay!
What do we mean with vanilla? Basically, we will not change your gameplay beyond what is absolutely necessary. We only have quality-of-life plugins, such as Core Protect and a datapack that changes the default player requirement for sleeping. Aside from those, any custom commands are optional and do not affect game play for anyone who chooses to ignore them. This includes, for example, custom armor stand books and the custom head database, both of which are purely aesthetic.
Who owns this server? The server was first created on May 5th 2018. Since April 25th of 2019 this server has been ran by Potato and Sirkomplete. All decisions are however made in agreement of the whole admin team and followed up with players and other staff members.
How can I get involved? The easiest way is by posting your ideas, bugs and complaints in the #feedback channel on our Discord. Alternatively you can DM a staff member directly with your ideas. We have regular meetings where we sit down with all the staff members and discuss all the ideas and bugs and see what we can do to improve the server.
How do I apply to become a staff member? You can apply here. Be aware that applying does not guarantee a guard rank and that complaining about this fact only worsens your chances of being accepted.
How can I support this server We are dependent on our players to cover the server costs, and to provide the foundation for our community. Support us by donating once or on a monthly basis here.

How we play

SilverMC Server Rules We are a 0 tolerance server. Any rule breakers will be found and punished.
Coreprotect and Anticheat WILL show your actions.
Basic Server Rules
  1. Do NOT Hack, This includes X-ray, Fly and PvP hacks.
  2. Do NOT Steal or Grief. We are a trust based server and people breaking this rule will be punished. Taking items from a random chest IS stealing.
  3. Be respectful, We have a very diverse group of players and we do NOT tolerate disrespectful behaviour towards other players and staff.
  4. TNT-duping IS allowed, but any other duplication glitch is NOT allowed will get you banned.
  5. Any member can claim a plot at spawn that does not have a sign/build on it showing it is already claimed. Ask staff for help if you need any!
  6. We do NOT tolerate any kind of advertisement.
  7. Please do NOT lie to staff, we are very forgiving if you admit mistakes, lying on the other hand is very pointless and will be dealt with swiftly and permanently.
  8. Do NOT kill anyone that has NOT agreed to pvp beforehand. Killing players is a bannable offense.
Specific Bot Account Rules
  • We allow basic scripting and autoclickers on silver.
  • You can use them to afk a farm or a redstone machine.
  • Your bot may NOT auto-reconnect if kicked by a staff member. They will be tempbanned if this does happen.
  • You may NOT use automine as this function of recent bots uses X-Ray to afk mine for ores etc.
  • People found using bots in this manner will be banned without appeal.
  • Please consider the server TPS in your AFK sessions and do NOT run server-killing farms during peak hours.
  • Staff hold discretion to kick any bot account if/when needed.
Regarding your base
  • Not a rule, but a guideline; Please keep your bases and farms lag-friendly: Do NOT run redstone resource intensive clocks/farms when the server is lagging.
  • Spawn proof the area and caves around you base.
  • Do NOT have hundreds of mobs loaded in/near your base.
  • Reduce the amount of unlocked hoppers at your base.
  • Chunk loaders may be used, if not needed please turn them off.
  • The command /tpsbar can help you monitor the server lag and act accordingly
Specific Abandoned Bases / Stuff Rules If a base is abandoned and in the way of one of your projects do NOT remove it. Even if abandoned it is still considered griefing if staff has not given you the all-clear. We do this to prevent any confusion and disputes. If you remove something someone else made but you have permission to do so from the owner of the base/items. Be prepared to show staff evidence of the permission given on discord when asked.
Specific Allowed Mods Rules
  • Any minimap, worldmap, shaders, inventory management, optifine, etc.. IS allowed.
  • You may use litematica, though the paste function on our creative server will not work.
  • Using Tweakaroo is also allowed. However, using the freecam built into this mod for X-Ray is NOT allowed.
  • Using a hacked client is NOT allowed and any rule-following player can get the functions they need/want from approved mods. Building next to someone will cause problems if you are in each others way.
  • For territory disputes we follow a first come first server rule for space.
  • However you cannot go out and claim entire biomes and then not build anything there.
  • If you want to claim bigger areas for project go out further from spawn to avoid disputes.
  • If a neighbour's area looks abandoned check out the "Abandoned Bases Rules" for more info.
Specific Basemate Rules
  • You MUST set rules for your co-op base yourself.
  • Whether you have item sharing or farm sharing etc.. is up to you.
  • It is highly encouraged to have a base rulebook, put it somewhere in your base on a lectern.
  • This way you avoid disputes over these topics later.
  • If a basemate gets banned from the server you may take their stuff.
Spawn Rules (Map 5) The spawn region is divided in several sections which are visible on the map above and in game.
Spawn Structure When it comes to the structure of the spawn area, there are:
  • The spawn center (spawn building): A 128 blocks radius circle reserved for community buildings, like the spawn building, a spawn rules board, a message board, an area with maps of notables bases, an history board for past events and winners, one melon block, a staff meeting room with an entrance + a secret entrance, as well as everything else we want to have there.
  • Themed areas (Asian, Modern, Medieval, Industrial/Sci-fi): Please try to fit the theme of the area while building, the themes are not enforced so you can express your creativity but we entrust you to not make this section a mess for the players who wish to build in a somewhat organized area.
  • FFA areas: build what you want in there, please try to make your builds fit the average dimensions of the builds around them. SAC is able to ask people to move their builds in a different location (farther from center) if they feel the build dimensions are not fit for that area (of course this will only be done in last resort)
  • Monument area: Where large scale builds that are not shops should go (Giant organics, etc etc). We will let you determine if you build is best fit for the monument area or another, please make this decision depending on the space your build would take :)
  • The Academy area: area reserved for the Academy and the Cathedral, contact the Ulaíri Order for more infos
What you can/can not build These rules are made in order to preserve the terrain layout of spawn in a decent shape and not make it become absolute gibberish. Yes they limit creativity, we did our best to have them as open as possible but at the end of the day welcome to public servers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Your builds must fit the surroundings
  • The main example of that being rivers: You can build boats on the river, or ports on the shores, but anything that would not belong to a river IRL is not allowed. This is the rule we will enforce the most for blocking off rivers will immediatly destroy the landscape
  • No you cannot build artificial islands in the rivers. you can do it on the ocean 100 blocks away from the spawn island though
  • In the same way, if for example you build on the side of a mountain, make sure to have something under your build and not just let it float in the air (unless it is supposed to ofc)
  • You are allowed to modify the terrain shape (except rivers, ask a SAC member if you wish to do that) as long as you try to keep it natural :)
  • Of course, anything inappropriate (NSFW, against the La Haye convention, or generally against the server rules) will be removed
Effort in Buildings Builds at spawn must try to be made in an aesthetical way. Builds made with no decorative effort whatsoever can be removed/moved on a consensus -1 vote made by SAC. Of course, to suggest the removal of a build, the SAC member must demonstrate that the build was made with no building effort. It is important to mention that effort is not building skill: someone trying to make an aesthetic build with little building skill should not see their build removed. Only builds with clearly no aesthetical intention should be removed. The "aesthetical effort" criteria is of course somewhat subjective. Hence the SAC is expected to successfully apply it fairly. The 80% of the votes needed to make an enforcement decision effective is supposed to prevent excessive actions.
Plot Claiming & Unclaiming Regarding Inactivity
  • To claim an area, just mark its corners and place a sign saying "claimed". Pleaaaaase keep in mind that we try to lay down roads, so take that into account when placing your claim :)
  • Please do not excessively overclaim land.
    • We are trying to scale the size of the buildings, to have the center of spawn reserved for the smaller ones. If the SAC feels like the size of a claim is not adapted to the area where it is in, we might ask/suggest the claim owner to move or resize it
    • Please use all the land you already claimed before claiming more.
Inactivity Policy:
  • Upon claiming an area, the player should put their discord IGN (or the IGN of a friend if they do not have discord) on a sign inside the plot, or message a staff with the coordinates and a screenshot of the plot.
  • Overall, just make sure you let know a SAC member that you claimed a plot
  • After 6 months of inactivity from that player, and ONLY if someone else wishes to get the land, we will DM the player to ask if we can unclaim the plot.
    > If they say no, the plot will NOT be unclaimed
    > If they say yes, the plot will be unclaimed and given to the new player
    > If they do not answer within 2 weeks, the plot will be unclaimed and given to the new player
    Exception: If there is nothing built on the plot, the plot will be unclaimed without asking the owner if the other conditions are met (inactivity & someone else asking for it)
  • If the staff is not aware of a way of contacting the owner, the plot will be unclaimed anyways. So do not forget to let staff know about your claim :)
How we enforce the rules The goal of SAC is not to be a spawn build police. SAC members are here to advise people on their plot and build choices and make sure the spawn layout remains somewhat ordered. This is why we will always try to not enforce actions as much as possible, but use discussion and compromises with players. However, if needed SAC is able to enforce build redesigns, removal or moving if needed. If you feel like a SAC member is abusing their permissions, then feel free to contact an admin about it.
Discord Rules
  1. Any kind of harassment, racism, sexism, hate speech, threats or defamation are NOT allowed. This is an adult discord so swearing is allowed as long as the above mentioned is NOT violated.
  2. English is the primary language. Please use English inside the public chat channels.
  3. Any kind of spamming is NOT allowed. This also includes excessive emotes.
  4. Do NOT post NSFW/NSFL content in public channels. Not everyone wants to see that stuff...
  5. Use Common sense and the appropriate channels.

END (yes, you are done with reading the rules :] )

TL;DR Don't be a dick

Current Topics

It is still possible for you to take part in the designing /building of the main spawn area. It is being designed on the event server, at:
/warp silverspawn